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NIAKIS 3-4-6-9-12 G

The spinner itself occupies most of the appeal to the fish by the rotation of Blade, and the rotation of the Blade was also a big cause of yarn breakage. Braid rotation also causes rotation of the body itself, which leads to line yore. In NIakis, was developed a "rolling swivel integrated shaft" that has a swivel structure on the shaft itself, greatly reducing line drag by using this. Furthermore, in the conventional spinner, the point that the body is fixed to the shaft was also one of the causes of line yawing, so the body gave a clearance with the shaft and the rotation of the shaft accompanying the body was reduced. The body adopted a real minnow body rather than a conical type which is often seen in conventional products. It is not a round shape of a round type like other companies, but it is a thin vertical type with a flatter side surface that can produce adding actions. If it is a conventional product, even if you add an action, the place where rotation change of Blade only happens, directs movement which can not be imitated by others with a slight fluctuation body. In addition, Blade, which can be said to be the spinner 's life, also has a very good rise of rotation, and the rotation firmly follows the slight change in reeling speed.

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