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AR-S 1.6-2.1-3.5-4.5-6 G

AR-S blade boasts amazing rotation performance. Mr. Hiroyuki Motoyama, a leading expert on bass fishing are also very familiar with trout fishing in mountain stream areas and was looking for a satisfying spinner for many years. And after over 10 years of trial and error, Mr. Motoyama finally completed a spinner that he can convince. That is AR – S. What AR-S requested, it turns out from the place where it was landing, wonderful blade rotation performance. "ARS blade" which generates strong vibrations has a stable rotation ability even in a strong water flow area, and it demonstrates its performance immediately after watering and appeals quickly to the target. The ARS blade has a slightly rising part at its edge part, and it assists the improvement of the rotation performance of the blade and the quick rise. The wonderful rise of the ARS blade certainly expands the narrow productive zone in the mountain stream area, greatly increasing the byte opportunity in pin spot capture. One of the features is that it reacts to the rod work in the reeling and can produce the left and right slides by Twitch. Succeeding to reduce yarn dent by adopting a rolling swivel shaft incorporating a swivel structure after enabling fishing with short distance.

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