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A variety of actions and water surface that you can play with the best distance! Exciting lure top water game with the real pleasure and instantaneous explosive power of the game. Ima Imapopkey was born as the first top water plug. Just reel in wake action, a variety of actions such as a dog walk and dive which made full use of the rod action can easily produce seabass top water plug to catch the angler must-have. The action of carving ripples on the surface continuously while twisting the body with just winding is very effective for searching a wide range in a situation with poor visibility. If it is 120 cm, the silhouette is large, but if you are 80 cm you want a little more distance you want to find a wider range born reflecting the voice of the scene flying distance and action are intact usability 100 cm size. Of course, the action also inherits the wake action of the dog walk and just only reel of diving. Water surface burst of force in us is active in various areas Imapopkey bite attempt to feel the scene.

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    IMA POPKEY 100 002

    Color - 002
    Weight, g - 12
    Length, mm - 100
    Hook - Treble #4 x 2
    Type - TopWater


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