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A spoon supervised by Mr. Noriyuki Ikedani realizing unique fishing method back & forth. "Back & Forth" is a faithful reproduction of the spoon that Mr. Iketani himself had produced in the past. Mr. Iketani's technique "back and forth fishing method" that induces a fish by causing a combination of drift and irregular action by saying that it puts on a flow with a line tension applied or a reverse drawing. The best spoon for the fishing method is "back & forth". Of course it is also effective for pressures and low activity fish, as well as winding, as well as directing the movement more irregular with the above rod work. The special spoon Back & Forth born for the fishing method "Back & Forth" got the radiance of the diamond cut. Diamond-cut surface creates distinctive radiance. Even in cases that are often overlooked by reciprocal movements, diamond cuts bring random appeal to the fish, bringing it to the hit.

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