SMITH Hay 1018 productos.


SMITH is a company established in Japan since 1970. The brand is well known to fishermen thanks to certain products that serve as reference such as the famous SARUNA which celebrates its 20 years of existence or the D-Contact. SMITH is constantly evolving and regularly produces new products. Indeed, the salary part devoted to the research and development office makes it a leader in the field. Tested for several years before being put on the market, the products are very effective and take fish well before taking fishermen. The brand's proven track record over many years has earned it a reputation throughout the world. Fishing has evolved a lot in recent years and fishermen now have a huge choice of products. As in all fields, everything is found at all prices, but the respect of the fishing consumer is not always the fundamental denominator of the offers proposed. Faced with this phenomenon, SMITH's policy is unambiguous; The company continue to manufacture quality products and are more than ever mindful of user satisfaction. In the face of changing market conditions, the increasing demands of many fishermen, SMITH bring more experience, more technical know-how and more know-how with more and more information aboutproducts because a more informed consumer will know all the more easily make the right choice.