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The company River Old was founded in March 1995 in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. This area, is rich in fresh water, and is prone to high fishing load, so the fish that lives in these waters is very careful and fastidious. The extensive experience of the company's founders in fly fishing helped to create a number of unique flies with which fishing on local lakes and rivers again became successful. Later, this experience was successfully used in the production of metal baits. Many original solutions from River Old for the development of technology for the manufacture of fishing goods are protected by patents. With a thorough study of the characteristics of individual reservoirs, years of development and countless trials of samples - this is how the masterpiece from River Old is born. On the River Old lures, fish started to get caught much better and not only in Japan but far beyond its borders. River Old spoons an spinners make fish actively peck, where other lures bring only rare bites.