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Toray Industries, Inc. is the original manufacturer of Nylon fishing line in Japan, started in 1941. Fluoro Carbon has been added to production item since 1985. Today Toray International, Inc. is the largest supplier of fishing line in Japan, which includes Nylon, Fluoro Carbon and Braided line. Toray's class leading technology allows them to produce the most advanced fishing lines using the newest and best materials available. Offering a huge variety of products there is sure to be a braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament line to suit every situation you can encounter. From super light braids and flurocarbon for bream and trout fishing. To purpose designed sinking braids for squid fishing, right up to heavy braids suitable for jigging and casting. 100 % High Tenacity Braided Line Minimum stretch, High sensitivity Long castability, great controllability from its round shape with 8 Ultra Thin Braids Using Toray Bawo Technology