R18 LIGHT PE 150m Hay 1 producto.

R18 LIGHT PE 150m

Kureha developed and launched Seaguar, the world's first fishing line made from fluorocarbon (PVDF), in 1971. Since that time, Seaguar has become the leading brand of fishing line and a favorite of fishing enthusiasts. The polyvinylidene fluoride resin KF Polymer, the raw material for Seaguar lines, is produced at Kureha's Iwaki Factory. The Kureha Group is the only corporate group consistently manufacturing fishing line products from raw material to finished product. Kureha will continue its product development and expand the lineup to meet customer needs.

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PhotoModelBRAIDLBPEDiameter, mm
SEAGUAR R18 LIGHT 0.3 150MSEAGUAR R18 LIGHT 0.3 150M460.30.09

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R18 LIGHT PE 150mR18 LIGHT PE 150mR18 LIGHT PE 150m

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    SEAGUAR R18 LIGHT 0.3 150M

    BRAID - 4
    LB - 6
    PE - 0.3
    Diameter, mm - 0.09


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