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AIR BRAID® has a high degree of circularity in its diameter, and the flight distance comes from the fact that the area of contact with the guide is reduced. Moreover, it has characteristics that it is easy to line operation even with egging because water drain performance is good.
Since AIR BRAID® has very few micro voids (fine gaps), there is stiffness over the entire line and guide entanglement is very small. Moreover, due to the small gap, it leads to overall high strength and high sensitivity.
Ultra low elongation (sensitivity)
There is a growth of several percent in PE which is a knitting yarn. AIR BRAID® boasts a low elongation factor of about 20% compared to general PE line with special spinning technology. It has ultra high sensitivity that you can sense even faint bytes such as fish touching the lure. It also reduces hooking mistakes.
Special coating
AIR BRAID®, which includes a NCO reactor, has applied multiple reinforced coatings more than once. It realizes super water repellency and weather resistance by it. AIRBRAID® has a multi-layer coating (applied to each strand during the weaving process), including NCO REACTOR coating, thus achieving high water repellency and weather resistance. The coating of NCO REACTOR, has no world analogues. Coating lines of the previous generation, including fluorine, silicone and other lubricants, after application on the line are easily dissolved by water, and the lubricating properties of the line are lost. Covering NCO REACTOR allows to get rid of this problem. Through nano-ionic coupling reaction, which exceeds the coverage of the previous generation by more than 1000 times, both lubricating and unsurpassed water-repellent ability with impeccable water resistance is achieved.
Flying distance
Compared with the conventional PE line, AIR BRAID® has about 30% or more of flight distance. Vacuum AIR BRAID® construction method produces a dense bladed from a high degree of circularity and low frictional force, micro voids are low, so the density is high and the main reason is the superior nature of transmitting force.
Cohesive Strength
When the linear strength of the conventional PE line is taken as 100%, the cohesion strength is about 15 to 30%.
In contrast, AIR BRAID® boasts a cohesive strength of 60 to 70%. This is due to the know-how of patented technology / vacuum AIR BRAID construction method.
Water resistance
Water and salt particles enter the knitting in the usual braided line, but AIR BRAID® has a structure that does not allow water to enter because it is coated with fine bridet and multiple coatings.
Excellent draining performance
Unlike existing PE, AIR BRAID® is easy to handle because it is familiar with water and hard to stick to the surface of the water ( because there are few micro-voids )
Recovery of line trouble
Since AIR BRAID® is dense and difficult to collapse, it is difficult for the bite reel to bite into the spool even if it is subjected to strong tension due to roots etc. Also when the backlash etc. happen, it is easy to unravel and excellent recovery performance from line trouble It is.
Line alert function
It receives cutting shearing stress (shear stress) like a fuzzy general PE line, and it will cut when used without noticing afterwards . On the other hand, AIR BRAID® is designed to give line separation (a phenomenon that one line of wire is broken) and alarm (warning) when receiving similar stress. By doing this, it is possible to prevent unexpected line cutting.

Data sheet

AIR BRAID PURE LINE 6 Braid 120m PE 0.15AIR BRAID PURE LINE 6 Braid 120m PE 0.1569.00.15
AIR BRAID PURE LINE 6 Braid 150m PE 0.3AIR BRAID PURE LINE 6 Braid 150m PE 0.36120.3
AIR BRAID PURE LINE 8 Braid 150m PE 0.8AIR BRAID PURE LINE 8 Braid 150m PE 0.8818.90.8
AIR BRAID PURE LINE 8 Braid 150m PE 1.2AIR BRAID PURE LINE 8 Braid 150m PE 1.2826.81.2

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    AIR BRAID PURE LINE 6 Braid 120m PE 0.15

    BRAID - 6
    LB - 9.0
    PE - 0.15


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    AIR BRAID PURE LINE 6 Braid 150m PE 0.3

    BRAID - 6
    LB - 12
    PE - 0.3


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    AIR BRAID PURE LINE 8 Braid 150m PE 0.8

    BRAID - 8
    LB - 18.9
    PE - 0.8


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    AIR BRAID PURE LINE 8 Braid 150m PE 1.2

    BRAID - 8
    LB - 26.8
    PE - 1.2


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