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The large size Ripper of the Back & Forth is to change the taper shape and the bending position of the main body in order to solve the problem of movement due to the size up, so that the innovative flushing effect and maintaining the fall posture (center balance) It is realized. Ripper that targeted the large native trout of the lake and river, including Sakura Masu(Cherry salmon). It is a spoon to do deep into your trout game. Although it is a relatively small body size, it is the optimum weight size for large native trout and land lock including 13 g & 16 g and Sakura Masu(Cherry salmon). Body size 13 g and 16 g are made up of differences in body wall thickness, enabling capture of range change. The body buffed by hand crafted by hand craftsmen is a slide system accompanied by intense flushing and roll base movement, it has excellent transfer capability of its movement and it is an important factor leading to increase in operability of the angler. Please try slide & drift of Ripper Shell and its capabilities by all means.

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