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ValkeIN is Japanese leading brand that with collaboration with DUO international, the new style of fishing has been built. Condition at Area fishing rapidly changes where fisherman cannot fail, it is not only possible to fish, but -ValkeIN, who has passed through its own basic style that does not require too many methods extensively. Even under severe circumstances spoon method has been executed and it leads hard plug style higher. To bring Area fishing to the next stage, here was DUO × ValkeIN "LIMITLESS AREA" style starts. Although a specialized method / approach is born quite often, products of ValkeIN can always be enjoyed by anyone at area fishing category. As part of it, ValkeIN is not only developing products, but also vigorously doing management of fishing ponds (Arcus pond), tournaments and events, ValkeIN is constantly promoting area fishing as a culture all the time with new ideas.
The roll action which contrasts to Hi Burst.
Considering the different usage from the high burst among the various roll actions, a tight roll with minimum appeal was set up.
A wide range of reeling speed is provided, the same action is realized in a wide range of speed areas.

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