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D-INCITE It is a heavy sinking minnow with a large weapon with a large roll angle inertia spatula. Because the distance traveled is small, you can appeal for a long time, inertia shimmering action with sharp roll angle. Vibration swim by high speed reeling and deep trace range. Thin, highly intensive, new ideal lip mounting on the rim. Excellent for chewing and water biting, up to down, small spots of small mountain stream, all styles, corresponding to the field. Due to the body design and the center of gravity balance, there is a large flight distance with pleasant elongation is acquired. Original potting eye, created by collaboration of heterogeneous holograms.

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    SMITH D-INCITE 53S 5 G 01

    Color - CLOKIN
    Weight, g - 5
    Length, mm - 53
    Hook - Treble D-Contact #12 x 2
    Type - Native Trout Sinking Minnow

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