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Flat side twitching minnow Alexandra who gave great influence in its innovative concept and form. Shoot pin spots with ups from rising and up cloth, provoke a fish with effective irregular action with minimum movement distance by rod manipulation. Small mountain stream and delicate and bold game in main stream of the up stream, standard site fishing which made full use of the shaking from the range. The certainty of basic performance does not betray the faith of Angler. The shape and position of the weight are set so as to make the back slide after landing. Make the falling posture close to the level fall and not cling to the approach to the point which wraps up the body which became stronger. Please inherit the beauty points such as irregular action and flight, light resistance of pulling resistance, please experience the ability to miss the few opportunities in the field.

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    Weight, g - 1.9
    Length, mm - 35
    Hook - Single #12
    Type - Native Trout Sinking Minnow

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