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  • Length, mm - 130
  • Weight, g - 20
  • Depth, m - 1.5~2
  • Type - Suspending

A superb casting jerkbait set to take the UK by storm. With the incorporation of a flat body, the Rudra SP is able to produce intense flashing effects due to its flat sides and erratic action.

Two inactive weights affixed inside the belly increase balance, especially on the pause, and three smaller ball bearings generate additional inertia, helping to impart the Rudra's big rolling movement.

The lip has a precision-engineered shape to create a strong darting action, as well as a tight wobble even on a normal retrieve. The Rudra is extremely durable thanks to a unique internal, honey-combed body construction. Performance is even stable in choppy water and excels when using "Jerk & Pause" "Crank & Draw" "Dead Sticking" and standard retrieve techniques at various speeds

One that should be in every lure box!...

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