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  • Length, mm - 65
  • Weight, oz - 1/4
  • Type - Suspend

"Big fish like big bait" is a commonly held conception by many anglers. However, extensive research demonstrates that the highly advanced vision of larger bass allows these cunning predators to excel at identifying smaller prey, even among dense cover. In fact, many anglers have experienced catching the largest bass in the school on the X-80, even if they are getting more overall bites on larger X-80 MAGNUM. The fact is that there are times monster size bass are primarily keyed-in on much smaller size forage. For this precise reason, Team Megabass has created the X-80 Jr. to complete your forage-matching tactics to outsmart monster bass' selective visual targeting method. The swimming action of the X-80 Jr. draws from the original X-80, packing its natural darting escape action and depth capability into a much smaller profile. Incorporating the latest feedback from the selective feeding behaviors of target Bass, the X-80 Jr. enters the bass game in 2014 with one mission: capturing the monsters in every school.

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