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  • Length, mm - 75
  • Weight, oz - 1/4
  • Type - Suspend

The SHADING-X75 helped bring Tsuguhiko Komori to victory in the 2012 Basser All Star Classic. Since it was released, the X75 has displayed exceptional performance in the field. Now we introduce the X75SP (SUSPEND) model. As opposed to the floating model, which uses its sharp movements to cover a wide area, the suspend model excels in targeting reactions in a single spot. All color variants come with a neon core plate that creates vivid flashing sure to trigger reaction bites. When suspended, the head leans forward, ready to spring into action using its hydrodynamic willow bill as soon as a target draws close.

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    Color - NC HASURED
    Length, mm - 75
    Hook - Treble x2
    Type - Suspending
    Weight, OZ - 1/4
    Depth, m - 1.30 - 1.8

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