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Live-X Revenge
  • Length, mm - 90.5
  • Weight, oz - 3/8
  • Type - Suspend

The LIVE-X REVENGE is a super diving jerk bait guaranteed to get results in any season. The lip design, body volume and overall weight have all been tuned to maximize its swimming performance at depths up to 2.3m (7.5ft.), the optimal range for diving minnows. The REVENGE combines responsive and agile handling with surprisingly violent rolling action, and is sure to leave a lasting impression. Its great performance holds true not only for the mid-range, but also for use in shallows, widening the possibilities for a minnow-type jerk bait. Internally, it has four specially developed independent weights, one of which is fixed to create a complex low center-of-gravity balancer system suited for jerk bait fishing. During jerks, the front weight moves to increase the kickback motion. The extremely effective sliding action is created by the motion of the two rear weights.

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