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  • Length, mm - 120
  • Weight, oz - 3/4
  • Depth, m - Topwater
  • Type - Silent

DOG-X DIAMANTE traces its roots to Megabass’ origin story, introducing a bold new chapter written by the hands of anglers the world over. Honed by our pro team to “cut like a diamond,” the DIAMANTE delivers an irresistibly sharp walking action, especially at high speeds. Guided by a carefully refined keel system, DIAMANTE is able to turn so sharply that it emits a splashing walk, perfectly imitating baitfish in a feeding frenzy. At ¾ oz. and and 120mm, DIAMANTE is perfect for long casts to target pressured fish, and search large flats quickly and effectively. Equipped with three hooks to keep blowups buttoned, there isn’t a fight the DIAMANTE can’t finish.

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