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  • The Balisong Longbill 130 SF has a vibrating spring weight poised inside its nose cone. This addition is a unique fish attractor as it emits a vibrating pulse throughout the body of the bait that predator can feel even when the bait is stopped and is at rest. It really reacts when the long bill contacts bottom or an obstruction, this shock activates the Spring Weighted Micro Vibe System to go bonkers, energizing the entire lure from nose to tail with exceptional strike-inducing vibration in the moment after it contacts hard bottom, structure or cover.
  • Deps Balisong 130 Longbill SF below are big fish, big profile baits designed to dwell within the big predator attack zone that’s 8 to 11 feet deep in water that’s 10 to 16 feet deep.

The Longbill is slow-floating and with a pumping method it darts directly ahead in short bursts like a natural minnow.

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